Necessary  information about the participants of the competition.

  1. The participant of the competitive selection should provide the following information for participation in the competitive selection:

-an application on the company’s letterhead;

-a document confirming the state registration;

-information on the location (postal address) of the participant, telephone numbers, e-mail, details of the servicing bank

-a copy of license (for licensing activities), in the absence of the need to license activities in the country  of the participant, the latter shall provide the corresponding letter of the competitive commission;

-data on the identification of individuals entitled to sign or acting on behalf of a legal entity (copies of passports);

-information on the founders (shareholders. participants) of the legal entity;

-information on the management bodies of the legal entity;

-information on tax debts

-a letter on the company letterhead of the participant stating that he is not in the stage of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy

-the participant who is the official dealer of the plant=manufacturer of the subject of competitive selection, provides a dealer certificate or contract/ the authorized trading company is a letter of the manufacturer confirming the right to sell its goods;

-structure and personal composition of the management bodies of the legal entity

-information on the equity participation of the founders (shareholders. participants) in the statutory fund (capital) and its formation;

-information on the beneficiary owner of the supplier of goods under the import contract;

-certificate of the bank or tax authority on the existence of accounts payable and receivables;

-original or notarized copy of the power of attorney for the right to sign the contract with translation into Russian (if its necessary)

If its necessary, at the request of the working group, the participant provides other documents.

The participant of the competition is responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the information and documents provided.

  1. Documents for participation in competitive selection are accepted only in sealed double envelopes in Russian.

In the external envelope, which indicates the name of the participant, address and contact details, contains the list of documents for prequalification, listed above.

In the internal envelope-a competitive(commercial) offer.

Envelopes are provided strictly in a sealed form on purpose or by mail (registered letter, express mail). The external envelope will be opened by the working group of the competitive commission. In accordance with the documents submitted by the participant for prequalification, the commission’s working group submits an internal envelope to the tender committee to the review commercial bids and select the winner.

If the working group discovers that the package of documents does not suit prequalification requirements, the participant is eliminated from competitive bidding at the prequalification stage.

  1. The tender (commercial) offer includes a table, indicating the name of the goods, the delivery basis (Incoterms in the wording of 2010),the price of the goods (work, service), payment terms, GOSTs (documents, certificates confirming the conformity of the goods to the quality standarts of the producer country goods), technical conditions, terms of delivery, HS codes for the foreign trade of goods, name of manufacturer.

The bid may contain a sketch, a drawing, a photograph and other image, a sample of the goods bring the subject of state procurement.

The tender participant has the right to submit only one proposal.

Acceptance of bid for the competition is the term specified in the announcement published on a special information portal.