Construction of new passenger carriages

All products of the plant are manufactured by highly qualified specialists and meet modern quality standards. Complying with all technological requirements, we give a guarantee on the quality of the delivered cars.

Thanks to the developed logistics and a streamlined system of interaction with the CIS countries, it is very simple to buy a train car from the factory.

Models of passenger and non-passenger cars

TVSRZ JSC has the capacity to build the following types of passenger cars:v

  • passenger compartment car model 61-907;
  • passenger non-compartment carriage of model 61-911;
  • a passenger car with seats for inter-regional following models 61-920, 61-926, class: VIP, Econom, Business;
  • restaurant car with air conditioning installation model 61-624;
  • a passenger compartment car of a headquarters type with seats for disabled models 61-931;
  • passenger car of special purpose model 61-934;
  • luggage car model 61-928;
  • mail-luggage carriage;
  • mail car;
  • car “Defectoscope”;
  • car “Laboratory”;
  • “Service” car;
  • car “Brake meter”;
  • car “track gauge”;
  • a car for testing the contact network; сети;
  • “Dynamometer” car;
  • car “Diesel”;
  • wagon-wagon – a special wagon for transportation of persons under investigation and convicts;

How to buy a railway wagon

We will be glad to see your company as our business partner on mutually beneficial conditions. Having passenger cars available and manufacturing them for a specific order, we guarantee speed and reliability.

To buy a passenger car, familiarize yourself with our commercial offers by filling out the feedback form, or contact us by clicking on the link.