In 2009 JSC Tashkent plant for repair of passenger cars started Assembly of the new passenger car of merchant type with installation of air conditioning.

The design and construction of the first prototype passenger car, and today and mass production for the needs of state joint stock railway company “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari” was the result of hard work of the plant specialists together with the specialists of JSC “Scientific innovation center “Cars” in Saint-Petersburg. Design documentation was developed and all necessary tests were carried out.

In the single branch register indexes, and symbols models, re-built the car has a index 61-907. Passenger car model 61-907 meets the requirements of GOST 51690-2000 and technical requirements ” Promising passenger cars locomotive traction.” The outer skin of the car body is made of smooth sheet steel according to GOST 19281.

In the second half of 2009 the plant received certificates issued by the Belarusian certification Body for railway products and services for the mass production of passenger compartment cars with air conditioning installation model 61-907 and carts of passenger car model 68-908, 68-909. Then the plant was renamed into JSC Tashkent plant on construction and repair of passenger cars.

The stage of preparation of production of passenger cars of competitive parameters which lasted more than 3,5 years came to the end.

During this time huge work on preparation of qualified personnel, development of new designs of cars, working off and introduction of new technologies, carrying out modernization of production is done.

In the period from 2007-2008, a new workshop for the Assembly of wagon bodies was designed and built. The reconstruction of the carriage shop was allowed to separate from his own land for the production of new trucks models 68-909, 68-908.

More than 40 units of technological equipment were purchased and put into operation. A significant proportion of the equipment of the new body Assembly shop (conductors, turntables) was developed by specialists of the departments of the chief designer and chief technologist and manufactured by the experimental shop. Technological equipment for the manufacture of bogies for passenger cars were developed and manufactured in cooperation with NGOs “Metal-Ed “Technology”.

The equipment manufactured and installed in the body Assembly shop allows to assemble the bodies of the new car. A special machine for bending the car roofs arcs was developed, manufactured and put into operation. Conductors and turntables for the Assembly of the ridge beam, side, end walls, the roof of the car, the slipway for the General Assembly of the car – this is not a complete list of brand new equipment that has not been previously used at the plant.

A lot of unique equipment connected with absolutely new technologies is acquired. For example, plasma cutting machine, which allows cutting metal thickness up to 40 mm of any configuration. The introduction of the plasma cutting machine allowed to obtain about 85% of the components of the trolley of high accuracy, which is a mandatory requirement for the Assembly of such products as the trolley of the passenger car.

To address issues for the production of a number of precious metal previously not used in the repair of cars, greatly increased the Park of machine tools, purchased milling machines, screw-cutting lathe, press, bending machines length of the working table of 4 meters, metal shears, etc.

Taking into account the high requirements to the details of the interior, the Department of powder spraying was reconstructed. Made a new spray booth and oven for drying after spraying of the bath for degreasing etc, developed the whole complex of technological equipment allows to obtain decorative coatings of high quality.

A site for the production of molded fiberglass panels facing the interior, through which the interior design of the car has become much more attractive. Since modern technologies allow to paint fiberglass in a variety of colors, the quality of the materials used ensures that the excellent appearance for a long time.

The technology in the field of welding works has been improved. The technology of welding thin-sheet steel in a mixture of shielding gases has been worked out and implemented, new technologies of arc and contact plasma welding have been mastered. Implemented and successfully operated automatic welding machines made in France “GENEGYS”. The welding equipment on all defining technological operations is replaced with more modern – the leading European producers.

In 2008, 6 employees of the plant have been trained in the repair of the internal equipment in Saint-Petersburg, 22 welder and 2 specialists gained skills in new business – the building of the Institute of Paton in Kiev. All sent to study the plant successfully passed the exams at the end of the course, received certificates of international class. Now they pass on the acquired knowledge and experience to young people who master both electric arc, and automatic, and semi-automatic welding.

Currently, the results of the plant, which received a new status: not only repair, but also the construction of new cars, give grounds to the team to look to the future with confidence, to implement large-scale projects aimed at updating the fleet of passenger cars of Uzbekistan Temir Yullari. Step in step with the times and, if possible, ahead of him, trying tireless workers of the Tashkent plant for the construction and repair of passenger cars.