Repair of passenger carriages

Many years of experience, highly qualified specialists and modern equipment of the plant allow for depot, overhaul and overhaul repairs and maintenance of railway cars.

Depot repair

Depot car repair (DR) – will support your equipment in a state of serviceability and operability for a long time. Our factory repairs all-metal compartment cars (TsMK), all-metal dining cars (DEM) and all-metal open cars (CMO), carrying out work on resource restoration, repair and modernization.

Overhaul of KR-1

KR-1 includes the replacement or restoration of worn and damaged components and parts, in particular repair:

  • Elements damaged by corrosion;
  • Engines and brake equipment
  • Change of wheelset of a passenger car;
  • Internal structures;
  • Trolleys;
  • Gear cases;
  • Electrical equipment;
  • Shelves for luggage, windows, doors, couches, etc.;

Overhaul of KR-2

KR-2 includes opening the body, replacing the wiring and insulation. The factory is repairing compartment, interregional; CB, soft dimensions RIC; baggage, postal and postal-baggage; dining cars of all modifications; wagons for the transportation of special forces, including those made in China

All materials and equipment used comply with the safety requirement, which is confirmed by certificates.

Overhaul repair

Overhaul repair with extension of service life up to 40 years from the year of construction. The units that have fulfilled the standard service life are subject to it (wagons of electric trains of the ER-9E and ER-2 series Subway cars of model 81-814, 81-817)

With CRP, most of the main elements are replaced:

  • Frame
  • Floor
  • Roof
  • Frontal and end walls
  • Side walls of the body.

These measures seriously save your money, as they extend the life of units of equipment and refuse to buy new ones.

How to order a railway wagon

We will be glad to see your company as our business partner on mutually beneficial conditions. Having sufficient production capacity and extensive experience in the construction and repair of wagons, we guarantee reliability and high-quality results.

To order repair of passenger cars, check out our commercial offers by filling out the feedback form, or contact us by clicking on the link.