The object and purpose of the activities

Welcome to the leading enterprise of the railway industry of Uzbekistan!
Joint-stock company TVSRS commissioned in July 2001 and is a large industrial enterprise employing more than 1,300 people.
The total plant area of 103000 square meters, of which 54987 square meters is manufacturing workshop: carriage building, wheel-wagon, body, electrochemically, heating and water supply, repair of internal hardware, paint, battery, utility procurement, procurement-production, experimental, woodworking and the making and obtaining decorative coatings of wagon parts and other.

The plant was commissioned into operation more than 350 units of new equipment, including 243 units – imported from leading companies of Germany, Holland, South Korea, Canada, Japan, England, etc. Available production capacities, modern equipment, qualified personnel and well-established contacts with suppliers of materials and components allow the plant to annually recover more than 450 passenger cars. At the end of 2002 the plant organized production of services in import substitution, as a result capital and recovery repair with prolongation of service life of passenger cars and capital repairs of the second volume of cars of electric trains of the series ER-2 and ER-9E was mastered.

Application of new perspective developments and advanced technologies, the accurate organization of work allowed the enterprise to master with the Tver carriage-building plant Assembly of new passenger cars

In 2003, 4 passenger cars were assembled: one compartment and three open type

At the beginning of 2004 the plant made Assembly of the internal equipment of 6 cars of new generation for the high–speed train “REGISTON” by the message Tashkent-Samarkand.

In August, 2006 the plant converted passenger cars of compartment type under cars of the interregional message of the increased comfort for the high-speed train “SHARK” the message Tashkent-Bukhara

Continuing the work on the modernisation of its passenger cars under cars interregional distance on the order of JSC “Uzjeldorpass”, in 2008, the plant was upgraded for high-speed train “NASAF” message Tashkent – Karshi 7 compartment of passenger cars by type of construction existing train “REGISTAN” with the model for passenger cars with air-conditioning, 1 bar carriage with dizelelektrohoda and the headquarters of the head of the train.

All of the above high-speed trains “REGISTON”, “SHARK ” and” NASAF ” meet international standards and serve the population at the highest level in Addition to the repair of passenger cars, the plant is constantly working on the development of import-substituting spare parts and parts for passenger cars, localization covered almost all components of the passenger car: body, heating and water supply, domestic equipment, etc.

Having successfully mastered the domestic market, the plant continues to actively develop external economic relations and offers for export repair, re-equipment and modernization of passenger cars, delivery of spare parts and components of own production for repair of passenger cars, repair and formation of wheel couples of various types, both for passenger, and for freight cars.
The plant has created all conditions for productive work
Workplaces of engineers and technicians are equipped with the latest computer equipment, the local computer network and the 1C program are introduced:the Enterprise, the personnel of plant is provided with a complex of household services
JSC “TSRZ” has factors that characterize it as a business and a reliable partner. It:
– long-term stability;
– solvency and financial stability;
– availability of a powerful production base;
– the presence of a formed team of highly skilled professionals and workers;
– creative approach to solving problems and active marketing;
– high quality services;
– existence of accurate organizational structure of management of activity of the enterprise.

The plant has forge and press equipment, the equipment for production of rubber technical and plastic products, sites on repair of electric cars, the electronic equipment, compressors and reducers.
New shot the camera company “Nickens” (Netherlands) allows to clean the surface of the car from the outdated paint.
Works on a body (welding, shpatlevanie, grinding) are made on the stationary lifting platform (Japan), considerably facilitating work of workers. Plasma cutting machine (Germany) is used for car body cutting and semi – automatic welding machines are used for its welding.
Wycinanie from-under cars truck repaired at the production line, providing a complete set of technological equipment, the passage of which gives in the end a high quality truck repair.
Truck, ready to podcatcher under the car, pre-painted method airless spray in a special chamber (the company “Nicens” the Netherlands).
Wheel pairs are fed to the technological line for repair of wheel pairs, which provides a full set of technological equipment that allows for the repair and formation of new wheel pairs.
New numerical control machines (Poland, Japan) are used for repair, machining of wheel pairs, axles and all-rolled wheels.
Modern equipment (Russia) is used to detect hidden defects in all parts and components that are responsible for traffic safety, ensure high-quality repair of the bearing unit and repair roller bearings, where all the main parameters are controlled by a computer.

In the process of repair of electric machines used equipment: machines for podragivanija collectors (Japan), stands for the dynamic balancing of anchors (Japan), etc., to achieve high quality repairs on all stages. All electrical machines, centrifugal clutch after repair are tested on special stands (Japan), allowing all modes to remove the main parameters.
The section on production of units of cars (doors, hatches, roofs, transitional platforms, folding platforms, etc.) is equipped with plasma cutting machines with program control (Germany) allowing to make quickly, qualitatively and with the big accuracy cutting of metal of various configuration.

The woodworking shop is equipped with the modern equipment for processing of wood of WEINIG FG firm (Germany).
High-performance processing of wood is on the combined surface planer and automatic simonarson the machine that can perform milling of thorns and longitudinal profiling.
Use of the machine of the Unimat brand with program management making four-sided planing and longitudinal profiling allows to reach high quality of the processed surface.

Sawing up of panel plates on the set sizes is made on a panel saw with program management.
For the movement of wagons for repair items used car (Japan).
Color of the body of the car is carried out by plants of airless spraying high quality coatings in a specialized painting and drying chamber by “Nickens” (the Netherlands).